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Nature Travel Guide

Soon the Nature Travel Guide will be launching regular wildlife videos on YouTube. Meanwhile, here are my older wildlife videos that will get tidied away somewhere sensible and replaced with up-to-date videos when the new videos start.

Videos of Dragonflies/Damselflies in Britain

Male Beautiful Demoiselle seen in the New Forest (YouTube)

Videos of Butterflies in Europe

Heath Fritillary on a Spotted Orchid (YouTube)

Chalkhill and Adonis Blue Butterflies (YouTube)

High Brown Fritillary Butterfly on a Bracken (YouTube)

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Butterfly (YouTube)

Videos Taken in France

Snipe (Gallinago gallinago) seen at the Carmargue, France (sound of photographers in the background) (YouTube)

Videos Taken in Britain

Tree Sparrow at RSPB Mersehead (YouTube)

Nuthatch on a bird feeder at Loch Ken RSPB Nature Reserve (YouTube)

Stoat running along a path at Steart, Somerset (YouTube)

Videos Taken in Costa Rica

Either a Rufous Mourner or a Rufous Piha (YouTube)

Scaly-throated Leaftosser (YouTube)

Laughing Falcon Calling (YouTube)

Female Violet-crowned Woodnymph (YouTube)

Female Purple-crowned Fairy (YouTube)

Chestnut Mandibled Toucan Calling at Dusk (YouTube)

Buff-throated Foliage Gleaner (YouTube)

Scarlet Macaw Eating (YouTube)

Female Anhinga Eating a Fish (YouTube)

Crested Guan (YouTube)

Snow Egret at Uvita, Costa Rica (YouTube)

Roadside Hawk Watching (YouTube)

White-headed Capuchin Monkey eating Banana and Insects (at Parque Nacional Carara, Costa Rica) (YouTube)

Long-billed Hermit Feeding (YouTube)

Female Resplendent Quetzal Calling (YouTube)

Banana Birdfeeder (YouTube)

Silver-throated Tanager (YouTube)

Collared Peccaries Grooming (YouTube)

Spot-crowned Euphonia (YouTube)

Videos Taken in Belgium

Grottes de Han (a cave at Han-sur-Lesse, Ardennes, Belgium) (YouTube)

Videos Taken in the Pyrenees

Marmot at Ossoue, Pyrenees (YouTube)

Griffon Vultures Fighting (YouTube)

Videos Taken on the Osa Peninsula

Ants Carrying Leaves (YouTube)

Northern Tamadala (YouTube)

Two Howler Monkeys (YouTube)

A Snake Moving Through the Undergrowth in Rainforest (YouTube)

A Three-toed Sloth Slowly Moves its Head (YouTube)

Lizard Jumping (YouTube)

Howler Monkey Howling (YouTube)

Coati Feeding on Rainforest Floor (YouTube)

Camouflaged Lizard (YouTube)

Simple Multicellular Lifeform (YouTube)

Bats Arguing in the Roof of Bolita, Osa Peninsula (YouTube)

Ants Cleaning up a Dead Spider at Bolita, Osa Peninsula (YouTube)

Ants Excavating Soil (YouTube)

Morpho Butterfly Sunbathing (YouTube)

Videos Taken in the New Forest

Argiope bruennichi (Wasp Spider) seen in the New Forest, Hampshire (YouTube)

Glowworm in the New Forest, Hampshire (YouTube)

Videos Taken in the Alps

Cascades de la Sauffaz, Alps, France (YouTube)