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The Roving Reporters

A group of friends share their adventures.

“A journey is always about friendship.”


Exploring the Cirque de Troumouse, Pyrenees, France

Sharing our Adventures

My good friend Bongo inspired our gang to start sharing stories of our adventures. It all began when we were on holiday together in the Lake District. Bongo had the idea of taking some photos and writing about our National Trust Working Holiday in the Lake District. Bongo also wrote about our canoe trip on La Leyre.

Bongo has written a special article called Reasons to be Thankful.

Videos of our Adventures

We have moved onto videoing our adventures. An early experiment was done by Mouse1 and Mouse2 who recorded three short videos about their adventures in the rainforest of Costa Rica (which have since been lost from YouTube. We have now started recording mini adventures! We hope you enjoy Series 1 of Wildlife Watching and Series 2 of Wildlife Watching.

More Videos

Sometimes we make one-off special videos that are not part of a series.

Marmot Watch in the Alps, France (YouTube)

Whooper and Bewick's Swan Feed at Welney (Roving Reporters Special Episode) (YouTube)

Sometimes we record other videos that have nothing to do with wildlife. We produce the occasional random video as well.

Bongo Roving Reporter (early concept development video) (YouTube)


Bongo gets help putting on his rucksack.

Here is a photo of Mouse1 and Mouse2 exploring the ruins around Pont du Gard, in the south of France in winter 2014.