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Nature Travel Guide

"Inspiration and information for your wildlife watching."

Dr Duncan James

The Nature Travel Guide online has more than 100 detailed articles with recommended places to go, maps, GPS coordinates and general wildlife-watching advice.

Graphic showing outline of online wildlife resource.

Popular starting pages include Wildlife of Europe, Wildlife of Spain, Wildlife of France, Wildlife of Belgium, Wildlife of Costa Rica and Wildlife of the Osa Peninsula. These are just a fraction of all the articles available and approximately once a year the Nature Travel Guide refreshes with lots of updates and grows with the addition of many completely new articles.

For even more detail, you can read the Nature Travel Guide eBooks.

Pictures of some of the wildlife guides available.

Enjoy the entertaining and educational Nature Travel Guide videos.

Pictures of some of the Nature Travel Guide videos.

"Join me on a wildlife adventure."

Dr Duncan James

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Dr Duncan James

"Where is the best place to see wildlife? Wherever you are now! Go and look! It's a great hobby!"

Dr Duncan James

"Wildlife of Planet Earth is the starting page for a massive online wildlife-watching resource. Completely free-to-use with maps, photographs and location descriptions. You're welcome!"

Dr Duncan James

"I love wildlife watching with my friends. I convinced Duncan to start blogging about and videoing our adventures. We have called ourselves the Roving Reporters."


"Cyanobacteria grew the cocoon of an oxygenated atmosphere, a thin shield against the void."

early in the history of the earth life began to build a home

"A relaunch of my wildlife videos is on the way. Meanwhile I hope you still enjoy watching the older ones. I have now been recording new footage for over a year with my new 4k HD video camera and new telephoto lens. Coming soon!"

Dr Duncan James

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page."

Saint Augustine

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