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“I live to Dance. I dance to live”


How to Dance Rumba

Learn to dance Rumba with these online classes. The ticket2dance videos can compliment or replace traditional dance lessons.

Quick Start

Video to be added: Rumba Complete Beginner

Rumba Complete Beginner (Get started dancing rumba. Just the basics so that you can dance to a whole song with a partner. Teaches the back basic step.)

If you are ready to learn more you might do the complete beginners salsa and then the complete beginners cha cha. You are then ready to dance to lots of different music.

If you want to learn more rumba you can simply follow the videos in the order presented below.

Beginner Basic Steps

The complete beginners lesson teaches the back basic. A great thing to do next is learn some different basic steps.

Video to be added: Rumba Beginner Forward-and-Back Basic

Rumba Beginner Forward-and-Back Basic (Add this basic step to get more variety. Also has a slightly different feel to back-basic.)

Beginner Variations

Rumba is a slow dance and so I find it well suited to doing slow turns and dance arounds. In general the slow turn or dance around can be awkward in other dances depending on the tempo of the music which makes it a more advanced skill to use. In rumba I find it is a safe option for beginners to learn.

Video to be added: Rumba Beginner Slow Turns and Dance Arounds

Rumba Beginner Slow Turns and Dance Arounds (Some easy but expressive moves that work really well with the slow timing of the rumba.)

Rotating the basic step can instantly make the dance more dynamic. For both the leader and follower simply seeing different views of the dance floor can make it much more fun.

Video to be added: Rumba Beginner Rotating Forward-and-Back Basic

Rumba Beginner Rotating Forward-and-Back Basic (Learn to rotate the direction you are facing as a couple while dancing forward-and-back basic. A relatively simple way to make the dance feel less rigid.)

Improver Variations

Travelling side basic has some fundamental differences from the other basic steps so is presented as an improver option.

Video to be added: Rumba Improver Travelling Side Basic

Rumba Improver Travelling Side Basic (Travelling side basic is best learnt as an improver as it does not have the same pattern of only stepping away from the centre with one foot. I like this as it can be used to dance more energetically.)

Demonstration Dances

Finally, here are some demonstration dances to give you more ideas of how a partner dance can look.

No demonstration dances yet. Remember I need volunteers so if you want to get trained for free and then record some demonstration dances please contact me.