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“You haven't got anything to dance about until you're over 35.”

unknown (and controversial)

How to Dance Foxtrot

Learn to dance Foxtrot with these online dance classes. These ticket2dance videos can compliment or replace traditional Foxtrot lessons.

Quick Start

Video to be added: Foxtrot Complete Beginner

Foxtrot Complete Beginner (Get started dancing foxtrot to a whole song really quickly. Just the absolute basics are learnt so you can start getting comfortable with the core skills while also having fun.)

Next you might learn complete beginner quickstep. Quickstep complete beginner is the same but danced to faster music.

If you want to learn more foxtrot you can simply work through the videos here in the order shown.

Beginner Slow Slow Quick Quick

The slow slow quick quick pattern is popular socially. It is a repeated pattern that can be danced to a whole song.

Video to be added: Foxtrot Beginner SSQQ (Slow Slow Quick Quick)

Foxtrot Beginner SSQQ (Slow Slow Quick Quick) (This is a popular way to dance foxtrot. It is a repeated pattern that is fun to do around the dance floor. Changing between this and the slow steps of the complete beginner lesson is actually very difficult and will be covered in a later lesson.)

Demonstration Dances

Finally, here are some demonstration dances to give you more ideas of how a partner dance can look.

Tony Bennett - Hi Ho (demonstration dance) (ticket2dance test video) (YouTube)