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How to Dance Ballroom

General ballroom dancing advice. This can help with any partner dance, not just ballroom dancing.

Quick Start

Video to be added: easyBallroom

easyBallroom (A simplified ballroom dance that can be done to almost any music. An introduction to the style to get you learning the core skills and having fun straight away.)

Next you could do the complete beginner foxtrot and quickstep. These are very similar to easyBallroom and will give you more practice. You will also learn more about the music.

Then you might do the waltz complete beginner. Waltz uses a different timing. If you can also learn this as well you will be ready to get around the dance floor safely to most ballroom songs.

Demonstration Dances

Finally, here are some demonstration dances to give you more ideas of how a partner dance can look.

No demonstration dances yet. Remember I need volunteers so if you want to get trained for free and then record some demonstration dances please contact me.