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“Dance is the language of the soul.”

Martha Graham (adapted)

How to Dance

In just 10 minutes you can be having fun with a partner on the dance floor! This section also has general dancing videos such as lead-follow exercises.

Quick Start

Video to be added: easyPartnerDance

easyPartnerDance (Dance to any music with a partner within 10 minutes.)

Health and Safety

Please stay safe while dancing. Here are some ideas to help with that important aim.

Video to be added: Health and Safety

Health and Safety (Ways to stay safer while doing partner dancing.)

General Skills

Dancing in close hold can be awkward. Many teachers will have different ideas. Here are some general ideas offered as choices. I recommend you find what works for you.

Video to be added: Close Hold Discussion

Close Hold Discussion (Learn how to dance in close hold and additional related ideas.)

Lead/Follow Skills

In a lot of the ticket2dance videos there are exercises where you vary things or make things up. Does making things up sound good to you? I like being able to spontaneously try different or new moves and this is only possible if I can bring my follower with me. This is one reason why lead/follow skills are helpful.

Video to be added: Lead/Follow Practice

Lead/Follow Practice (If you and your partner can work better as a team the dancing can be better. Here are lots of exercises you can do to improve your skills.)

Demonstration Dances

Meanwhile, here is a test video that I put on YouTube that is similar to the introductory video that will appear here.

Learn a Simple Partner Dance (in-outs and rotating/turning) (ticket2dance test video) (YouTube)

Finally, here are some demonstration dances to give you more ideas of how a partner dance can look.

Magnus Carlsson - Wrap Myself in Paper (demonstration dance) (ticket2dance test video) (YouTube)

Cascada - Last Christmas (demonstration dance) (ticket2dance test video) (YouTube)