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“Learn to feel the music, connect with your partner, safely navigate a crowded dance floor and dance to a whole song in less than an hour!”

The estimate of less than an hour is based on watching a complete beginners foxtrot, waltz or rumba lesson with extra time added for rewinding and retrying.

Students and Teachers

Everything you need to learn partner dancing is here. Plus everything a teacher needs to teach.

Learn to Dance Ballroom

Easily enjoy elegant ballroom dancing.

Learn Foxtrot in 27 Minutes!

I recommend starting with foxtrot, a simple yet classical ballroom dance. You can get dancing foxtrot to a whole song really quickly.

eBook cover for the Ballroom Partner Dance Handbook.Ballroom Partner Dance Handbook

£9.99  €9,99  $9.99 USD

Learn more with the ballroom handbook. The book layout matches the videos to make working with both easy and quick.

A good dance to learn after foxtrot is the fast, furious and fun quickstep.

Learn Waltz in 35 Minutes!

Waltz uses many of the same skills but has a different rhythm. I generally recommend learning this after foxtrot but I think it can also be learnt on its own. For many the unique rhythm makes this their favourite dance. In the complete beginner lesson you will learn enough skills to get you dancing to a whole song with a little bit of variety.

“You could one of these videos as a fun activity for a party.”

Perhaps choose some music to play afterwards for a mini-dance or mini-disco.

Learn to Dance Latin

Keep it simple or show off as you dance with your partner to latin music.

Learn Rumba in 20 Minutes!

I recommend you start your latin journey with rumba. It has a slow rhythm with time to create different patterns and shapes as you dance. In the complete beginner lesson you will learn everything you need to dance to a whole song with your partner.

I recommend you learn the faster salsa once you are comfortable with rumba. It has dynamic music with a unique energy.

Extra quick steps make cha cha a favourite latin dance for many people. Perhaps learn this after rumba and salsa so you are better prepared for dancing those extra steps.

ticket2dance has extra latin lessons including solo practice and the cross body move.

eBook cover for the Latin Partner Dance Handbook.Latin Partner Dance Handbook

£9.99  €9,99  $9.99 USD

Learn more with the latin handbook. The book layout matches the videos to make working with both easy and quick.

Advanced Partner Dance Skills

There are many techniques you can learn to help with all styles of partner dance.

Lead Follow Practice

The lead follow practice lesson looks at skills that will help you connect with your partner in all the partner dances.

eBook cover for the Learning Tips for Partner Dance for Student and Teacher.Learning Tips for Partner Dance for Student and Teacher

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Improve your general partner dancing including your lead follow skills. Once chapter fits with the Lead Follow Practice Lesson and has a matching layout to make learning with both easy and convenient. Material for both students and teachers is included.

“These 3 books cost approximately the same as 2 dance lessons and include 44 lessons that you can go back to over and over.”

I love making partner dancing easy and fun. Making this low-price option for students to learn on their own was my dream for many years.

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The ticket2dance Philosophy

I am available for guest teaching, private lessons, dance holidays, corporate bookings, events and parties. You are welcome to contact me directly if you are interested.