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"Learn to enjoy life."

Dr Duncan James

The Nature Travel Guide (3rd edition) helps you enjoy nature and the environment.

COMING SOON! In approximately December 2017 the 4th edition of the Nature Travel Guide will see the addition of new countries, new premium eBooks, email-subscriber-exclusive eBooks, an extensive rewrite and edit which has resulted in approximately 30,000 readability, quality and content improvements, more engaging activities and radically new formatting throughout. I've been dedicating a lot of my time and also bringing in freelance helpers to make this happen!

January 2017 sees the launch of the Nature Travel Guide YouTube channel with regular wildlife videos.

Enjoy fun and sociable partner dancing quickly and easily with ticket2dance.

A very special launch event will celebrate the completion of nearly 10 years of development of ticket2dance in August 2018.

The ticket2dance complete set of free-to-use complete beginner lessons will launch on YouTube in August 2018.

UPmaths is topic-based maths learning.

My dream of free, high quality maths support for everyone has a release date prediction of September 2019 and is called UPmaths.

"You are amazing. I see my job as helping you unlock that amazingness."

Dr Duncan James

Long-billed Hermit Feeding in Costa Rica (YouTube)

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"Life is lived forwards, but understood backwards."


Cha-Cha Demo Dance (YouTube)

I have two day jobs to pay the bills (I don't make a living from the books and videos yet). I work as a Maths Tutor in Poole and I run the specialist scientific business Tcalibration which is an easy-to-use, audit-friendly calibration service for data loggers.

Picture of calibration in progress.

Calibration of a data logger in progress by Tcalibration.

Latest news from Duncan's blog! April 13th 2017: Tcal version 3.00 Released

"Creative and inspirational learning."

Dr Duncan James

Marmot Watch in the Alps, France (YouTube)

How to Find the Area of a Triangle 5 Different Ways (UP3) (YouTube)

Mainly as a way to practice new video editing techniques, I make occasional games content; This includes some of the most-watched Ingress videos in the whole world!

"Yesterday I told a chicken to cross the road. It said, 'what for?'"

Steven Wright

"Is Zen best? As well as living in the moment should we also enjoy reflecting on moments from the past and anticipating the future?"

based on ideas developed from Saint Augustine

"Advanced civilisations may be much easier for beings approximately the size of humans."

paraphrasing F W Went "The Size of Man" in American Scientist, Vol. 56, No. 4 (winter 1968), pp. 400-413 http://www.jstor.org/stable/27828330

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