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Play Ingress with Duncan!

Ingress is an "augmented reality" game. It is mainly played on mobile phones.

I have written the controversially titled article Ingress Fails as a Game. I don't quite believe this extreme view but articles should have exciting titles I think!

I enjoy making videos and this includes videos about Ingress.

What is Ingress?

Ingress is a game where you find and compete for control of "portals". Imagine looking at Google Maps on your phone. Now imagine that on your phone you can see giant funnels of energy coming out of the ground. The blue and green teams are competing to capture these funnels of energy (called portals). You can capture neutral portals. If a portal belongs to the opposing side you can attack it. If it belongs to your team you can add things to the portal to help defend it.

Good places for more basic information about the game include the Ingress (Game) Wikipedia page, Ingress Bootcamp and the Ingress page from the creators of the game. Ingress Stats is a useful website if you play the game a lot and it works in conjuction with an app: I got confused when I first loaded it so make sure you regularly "copy to Ingress Stats" (I just did it once and discovered it doesn't automatically update).

I found that as I got more into Ingress I was increasingly keen to reach level 8. To do this you get very concerned with the AP you can win for different actions and here is a useful guide that I found: AP and Leveling. Now that I have reached level 8 I'm less concerned with this as I've now unlocked the wonder of the level 8 burster! It is said that a lot of players give up when they reach level 8; others continue but get much more interested in things like creating large fields and trying to contribute to the grand totals used to decide which side is winning internationally.

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