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“How did Darth Vader know what Luke Skywalker was getting for Christmas? He felt his presence.”


A trailer for the game Father Christmas Kidnapped! (YouTube)

Father Christmas Kidnapped!

This free boardgame is suitable for ages 10 and higher. This is a collaborative game with a strong narrative. Father Christmas needs to be rescued in time to deliver all the presents this year! You play against the clock with a series of three mini-games to complete. Father Christmas Kidnapped! would suit either a family playing together or alternatively a group of keen adult boardgamers. It is also suitable for solo play. The time challenge means it has replay-value or it could be used as a one-off game to play for a change at Christmas.

(1) Download the instructions, components and scoresheet.

(2) Print the components and scoresheet. They have been designed to minimise use of ink. You may find it easier to also print the instructions.

(3) Cut out the components.

(4) Play the game!

(5) If you enjoyed the game then perhaps you could share the link to this webpage with your friends and family. (If you didn't then do let me know in a constructive way and that will help me improve the game.)

I am not the only one writing free games! Other people I am aware of include Andrew Domino who has some excellent simplified wargames and rpg rule sets. There is a (currently) well maintained wiki page with free wargaming rules. Another print and play boardgame that I have not tried but have had recommended to me is Spyfall (link is to general information page on BoardGameGeek but print and play versions are easily found with an internet search). Do tell me if you know of anyone else I can add links to! And I'm also happy to archive other people's work on this website for posterity.

“What did Cinderella say when her order from PhotoBox got lost in the post? 'One day my prints will come.'”