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This is a Blog-ish!

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. My website has organised content about lots of different topics that are easily found from the homepage. This blog is a more informal area of my website.

Evidence that this is a blog: It contains less-polished writing. The content is more personal and intended for my friends, family and people who are interested to know me a bit more. I often share personal experiences and feelings about my work that would not be good to put in the main learning/information parts of my website.

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"For 200 years, pessimists have had all the headlines – even though optimists have far more often been right. There is immense vested interest in pessimism. No journalist ever got the front page writing a story about how disaster was now less likely. Pressure groups and their customers in the media search for glimmers of doom. Don't be browbeaten - dare to be an optimist!"

Matt Ridley

Dartmoor Ponies Running (YouTube)

"Fate is the path of least action."

Kim Stanley Robinson (quoting an ancient principle)

My favourite search engine is Google Scholar which will find you peer-reviewed articles on the topic you search for. I strongly recommend this if you are researching something factual.

There is more content a bit like that on this blog on my critical thinking and waffly ramblings pages.

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