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Nature Travel Guide

“Welcome to my website about learning and exploring.”

Discover an amazing world of wildlife with the Nature Travel Guide (5th edition).

Learn partner dance with the fast, fun and effective ticket2dance approach.

“Learn waltz in just 35 minutes! For free!”

Learn Waltz in 35 Minutes with ticket2dance!

Nature vLogs (Nature Travel Guide YouTube Playlist)

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“Learn rumba in just 20 minutes! For free!”

Learn Rumba in 20 Minutes with ticket2dance!

“I love teaching and sharing. I aim to make myself redundant: giving you the knowledge and skills you need as quickly as possible. Perhaps you will keep learning or researching and perhaps you will still find my resources useful, but I prefer to see you gain the confidence to enjoy and explore on your own.”

UPmaths is a topic-based maths learning booster.

I have taught maths for many years. In approximately autumn 2019 I hope to be releasing a set of videos that simulate the inspirational input of a skilled tutor for certain topics which I think benefit from a creative, intuitive approach.

“Learn foxtrot in just 27 minutes! For free!”

Learn Foxtrot in 27 Minutes with ticket2dance!

Nature Highlights (Nature Travel Guide YouTube Playlist)

I have three other miscellaneous sections to my website.

Games including Ingress, RPGs, print-and-play boardgames, wargames, etc.
Improv your way to humour, improvised stories and new friendships.
I have written an article "Living with Logic" to sum up something that is important to me.

Nature Moments (Nature Travel Guide YouTube Playlist)

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