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Dear Sugar Radio I think it is interesting the way the two co-hosts came together to start this podcast. My personal experience listening to this is that they work well together offering contrasting opinions and arguments. I'm not sure I have any favourite episodes but do enjoy listening to the new episode every week.

Radio Good Life Project This is possibly my favourite podcast. The format is weekly interviews of approximately an hour. The interviewer, Jonathan Fields, seems to have a knack for drawing good thoughts from his guests. I also like that Jonathan Fields seems to have a relentless positivity. The only downside I feel sometimes is that some guests open up under Jonathan Fields' excellent interviewing and turn out to be motivated by some kind of narcissism or greed or they simply turn out to be boring people. However, even on the rare occasions when this happens I still find it interesting.

Chris Moyles Radio X Podcast I am a fan of Chris Moyles! I know this is controversial but I like some of his subtlety and also his sense of humour.

Episode 5 is a favourite of mine and I found "Bad Dead James Brown" really funny.

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe I'm a big fan of this podcast. I personally miss some of the quality analytical lunchtime discussions I used to enjoy when I worked at university. This reminds me of those good old days.

Episode 542 really worked for me with some interesting ideas about the differences between analytical/logical chats with friends and other, less structured, chats.

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