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I hope that as my wildlife books enter their second edition they will be read by more and more people.

Blog Post June 7th 2016: Sharing my wildlife inspiration.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. My website has organised content about lots of different topics that are easily found from the homepage. This blog is a more informal area of my website.

Generally speaking I think there are three kinds of wildlife information available.

(1) Inspirational but vague on details. These are the general interest wildlife books and resources which I find fun and easy to read. They often include interesting detail on certain things. However I am usually frustrated by the lack of practical advice.

(2) Specialist and knowledgeable but difficult to find and understand. There seems to be a lot of very specific, specialist information about wildlife. It is generally found in scientific articles, books and conference proceedings. This is not generally accessible and generally requires a lot of time to digest properly.

(3) My inspiration is to create guides that are "inspirational, knowledgeable and practical". I am aiming to make all parts of my guides start with easy-to-understand overviews that include practical maps and inspirational photographs. Then for those who want to dig deeper I include more detailed information afterwards.

Yes, there are already other "type 3" guides out there. However, I have specifically chosen to write location-specific travel guides as I feel that is where there is a gap in the market that will really help people.

I want you to be able to pick up one of my guides and after five minutes already have a feeling for the whole area and have an idea of where you would like to go. Then, if you want to, you can plan an itinerary in detail using my guide. Finally, when you go on your trip the guide will still be useful as it will have small scale maps, specific information about the routes to take and likely wildlife you might see there.

In one word I am aiming for my guides to be: Practical.

Over the next three-ish years I hope this will start to really come together and become the resource I am imagining. I am already getting great feedback about the Costa Rica guide and I want to start getting that feedback throughout the range. My main problem at the moment is that I have some smaller guides that are very cheap and there seems to be expectations that they should still have large amounts of content. So, if you have any ideas about how I can better market the smaller guides do let me know.

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