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Spain is one of the best places I visited for seeing mammals.

September 16th 2016: Spanish Wildlife

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. My website has organised content about lots of different topics that are easily found from the homepage. This blog is a more informal area of my website.

Just enjoy the pictures or read my ramblings too!

My trip to Spain this summer ran along the north of the country from east to west. Using my motorhome makes this an incredibly cheap trip. I have already explored the south west of Spain and many of the the other wildlife hot-spots are in the north. This photo is of a Whiskered Tern on the Ebro Delta. The Ebro Delta is on the east coast and marks the start of the journey. Whiskered Terns can be seen all around on the wilder marshy areas and also over the rice fields. Their forked tail makes them very agile and able to change direction very fast.

Heading west many of the best places are mountainous or at least hilly or rocky. These rocks are Les Mallos de Riglos and are home to a colony of vultures and even late in the summer flowers can still be seen as the ground has not dried out so much.

On the way to the Pyrenees I stopped at a lake famous for having excellent birdlife. However, by August it has completely evaporated leaving just a massive, cracked and salty basin. Oh no, I'll just have to come back again! This is one of the reasons the lowlands are not generally so good for wildlife: the summer sun is just too strong.

Continuing east I headed up into the Pyrenees. I explored three new locations for my wildlife guide. I'm sure I could have spent months here but the fun for me at the moment is in exploring lots of different places.

Further east are the Picos de Europa mountains.

The end of my summer trip around Europe was based around trying to see three different mammals. At Riano I got a fantastic view of a Wildcat.

I saw three different bears at Somiedo National Park. And found this tree which a giant scratch mark on it. The bear possibly either slipped while climbing or had marked its territory.

The third target mammal was wolf and I did not see one! Doh! However! I saw tracks and also this wolf poo while exploring Seirra de la Culebra. You can tell it is wolf poo from the small bones and hair from the deer it has eaten. Wow.

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