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Tcal version 2.0 is released.

Blog Post

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. My website has organised content about lots of different topics that are easily found from the homepage. This blog is a more informal area of my website.

I am really excited by version 2.0 of Tcal. It is now a complete calibration system for any multi-channel data logger.

The key new feature is a flexible, additional page for your reports that gives real-life error figures. A typical calibration report can be very difficult for non-specialists to use in their day-to-day work. This new report page overcomes this. I recommend that if you have a number of instruments it used to create a small, supplemental report.

Tcal is specifically designed to calibration multi-channel data loggers. These instruments are typically time-consuming to calibrate. Many calibration houses do not support them as the large number of combinations of channels and ranges create so much data. With so much to process there is also a high risk of a mistake during analysis.

The Tcal spreadsheets automate the data processing and convert the raw data into a complete calibration report. Built into the spreadsheets are complete instructions to guide an operator through every step of the calibration. Built into the spreadsheets are a complete audit trail of what was done during the calibration.

I think Tcal is a breakthrough. It is like having a helpful, clear analysist talk you through the calibration process and then give you a breakdown of the results in either technical or non-technical language depending on your preference.

Visit the Tcal homepage to find out more.

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