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I need to stop saying I'll do it tomorrow and do it now!

Blog Post January 1st 2016: New Year resolution.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. My website has organised content about lots of different topics that are easily found from the homepage. This blog is a more informal area of my website.

My New Year resolution is to keep putting more time into online learning resources. Having been a teacher for 20 years I have a new ambition to start reaching out and helping more people.

I originally trained as a scientist. I have since been mainly working as a teacher and scientist. I always seem to feel most excited when helping others. I do not get excited about being an "expert" instead I enjoy showing that: "Everyone can be as-expert-as-they-need-to-be to enjoy their hobby or succeed at work quickly using smart approaches to learning." 2015 was a year where I published my wildlife guides and did a lot of work behind the scenes developing video techniques. 2016 and 2017 will be about publishing large numbers of videos and making my website a fantastic destination for online learning. And importantly I am aiming to make all the learning effective and empowering. My dream is that as I improve the website over the next few months and years visitors will get a more and more positive experience and the content will start to be shared naturally between friends and colleagues more and more.

Here are some more thoughts about how I empower people as a teacher: My aim as a teacher is to help you to teach yourself. I share my knowledge and skills in a creative, structured way that allows you see the underlying patterns. I have even heard some commercial teachers talk about hiding the "big picture" so that their students are trapped and have to keep coming to classes: my philosophy is the exact opposite. My students generally find this enables faster learning and makes it easier to learn on their own. In mathematics if I help with a triangle question I will summarise the overall approach that works for all triangle questions to empower the student with the big picture. When teaching dance I relate everything to the basic skills to allow the student more easily be in control of their own learning in particular developing the skill of "watch and copy" which is a great way to learn dance simply from other dancers around you. In my wildlife watching resources I include maps, GPS coordinates and lots of other useful information to empower you to explore on your own.

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