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Very fast learners could try not pausing and instead aim to keep ahead of me as I answer the question. This can be a very bad idea though!

Linear Graphs Slow Working (a video playlist)

Here is a suggested set of videos in a recommended order for viewing.

Linear graph sketching questions with slow working and extra discussion.

UPmaths Worked Example 155413 (Vimeo)

UPmaths Worked Example 755256 (Vimeo)

UPmaths Worked Example 093764 (Vimeo)

UPmaths Worked Example 097457 (Vimeo)

UPmaths Worked Example 233397 (Vimeo)

UPmaths Worked Example 451661 (Vimeo)

UPmaths Worked Example 155976 (Vimeo)

UPmaths Worked Example 084992 (Vimeo)

Videos in playlist: 8

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