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Indices (or Powers or Exponentials)

Indices are important because they make mathematics easier when numbers get smaller or larger.

Indices Introduction

An index or power (two different names for the same thing) is a way of representing a number being repeatedly multiplied or divided from a starting point of 1.

I have found an effective way to learn the basics of indices is to use do simple questions that emphasise the meaning of the "language" or "code" of indices.

Indices Mixed Calculate Questions (UP3)

Why Write 1 When Doing Indices (UP3) (YouTube)

Indices Questions

Once we are used to what indices mean it is time to start doing more complicated questions. These questions can seem very abstract. If you go on to work in mathematics these skills will become more practical.

7 Indices Questions in 3 Minutes (UP3) (YouTube)

Writing as a Single Power with Letters (UP3)

Writing as a Single Power (UP3)

Indices Mixed Difficult Questions (UP3)

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