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Tcal Calibration

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Picture of calibration in progress.

Tcal Prices

Clear pricing is used so that costs are shared equally between all customers. Educational and good-cause discounts available on request.

Onsite Calibration

For more information or to book a visit please contact me directly.

Onsite calibration visit: £379 plus £1 per mile travelled to-and-from postcode BH7 6BG. Then add £249 per data logger/recorder/system (plus £2 per channel). (You need to provide the instruments and space to work on them. If an instrument is not working it is up to you to make it function well enough that I can test it. I can do all the testing and will bring calibrated signal and voltage generators with me.) (ISO-9001, ISO-12001 and ISO-14001 compliant.)

Independent audit of in-house calibration is an option where you need independent verification of the results but are willing to do the data collection yourself. The cost for this is: £79 plus £99 per data logger/recorder/system (plus £1 per channel). (This is done by emailing the completed Tcal spreadsheets to me and then answering any follow-up questions I have which may include additional testing of one or more instruments.)


If you don't see the option that interests you here please contact me directly. Different levels of support, longer licences, shorter licences, creation of additional features, educational licences and in-house training are some of the other options available. You are welcome to integrate Tcal into your systems and only start paying a licence once you start using it.

For licences click on the price to go to a payment page or contact me for other payment and/or other licence/support options. For in-house audit or onsite visits please contact me.

This is copyrighted software. If you buy a licence I will contact you with further information not shown on the site to fully unlock the accuracy and potential of this data logger software.

One-year software licence: £59 (Ten-year software licence: £499)

One-year software licence with support: £999 (Reasonable use limit applies; There can be delays in replies to questions; It is probably better to contact me and create a customised package to suit your needs.)

In-house training or help with developing effective work-flows/procedures: £499 per day plus £1 per mile travelled from postcode BH7 6BG. (For training it is recommended you supply an instrument to be used for a calibration demonstration during the session.)

You are welcome to contact me with any questions.

Follow this link to the return to Tcal homepage.

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