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Tcal: Calibration Optimised for Data Loggers

Exciting news April 13th 2017: Tcal version 3.00 Released

Tcal Mission Statement

Provide software and procedures with easy-to-follow instructions that create:

1. A traditional calibration report.

2. Easy-to-use, practical error bars for measurements taken with the instrument.

3. Optional adjustment values for every channel/range combination.

4. A fully traceable calibration.

Calibration/Validation of Data/Transient Loggers, Recorders and Acquisition Systems

Tcal is a source of software, procedures and articles. Onsite calibration available in the UK.

Picture of calibration in progress.

Onsite calibration by the author of Tcal is available in the UK. Limited number of slots per year. Get the highest standards of independent calibration without sending your instruments away. Extra information on the pricing page. Dr Duncan James works as an independent scientist (ISO-9001, ISO-12001 and ISO-14001 compliant). Scientific consultancy also available.

Tcal software is used by calibration service companies.

Tcal software is available for in-house calibration. Many companies use an inverted equipment pyramid, where only the bottom layer is sent away for calibration. Tcal software can raise data acquisition systems above the bottom layer.

You are welcome to contact Dr Duncan James now to find out how Tcal can help you. You are welcome to subscribe to my newsletter for quarterly-ish update emails including the latest news about data logger calibration.

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Tcal Software

Based around DRM-free Excel spreadsheets to make them easy to use. Follow the software link for more information, downloads and full pricing information.

Picture of calibration in progress.

Instruments Currently Supported

Follow the instruments link for general information, reports and calibration procedures documents for a wide range of different instruments. Additional manufacturers and/or models can be added if requested.

Picture of calibration in progress.


Calibration-related articles and videos. Manufacturer and instrument specific content is in the instruments section.

Picture of calibration in progress.

Frequently asked questions. Common questions and answers about Tcal calibration.

How to calibrate the DC response of a data logger. What are Linearity, DC Offset, Inaccuracy and RMS Noise?

RMS Noise and ground. Noise can be caused by the instrument and other factors. Averaging a number of samples can overcome noise.

How to calibrate the timebase of a data logger. Includes discussion of the assumption of uniform sample intervals and explanation of why the gap between samples is the maximum error in measurement of the distance between two zero cross-overs.

Sample dataset and analysis using Tcal. Use this article to learn more about how Tcal works and you can try processing the data yourself first and check your results.

Calibrating the delay of a pulse generator using a calibrated data logger. You can use your calibrated data logger to then calibrate the delay between signals from a pulse generator.

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You are welcome to contact me with any questions.

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