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Danger, adventure, exploration, family, love and friendship. All this and more in a new epic story.

I was close to launching this a couple of years ago. And then I had some major IP problems. IP stands for Intellectual Property and if (for example) I use a prop in a video that is a trademarked product I have to get permission to use it. If I do not get full permissions then the videos can get taken down with no warning. I am not too worried about this with smaller, more fun videos however with something as epic and time-consuming to create as SEED I want to be sure the content I create stays for people to enjoy!

So, this whole thing has been sidelined. The original plan had been to start telling the story using some videos. That is not a thing any more. But the story lives on. At the time I am writing this (May 2017) it is not a priority. But I'm sure it will happen eventually.

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